Important Notice for Chobham

Have you heard about the Boundary Commission’s proposals to change the voting for County Council and Parish Council in Chobham?

Will these proposals damage our village by splitting parts of it away from the neighbourhood? 

The question is ”Where do you think you belong?  In Chobham or in West End, and does it matter to you?”

If the proposals go ahead as planned Chobham Village will lose all those who live in:
Grosvenor Road
Scotts Grove Close
Scotts Grove Road
Lovelands Lane
Pennypot Lane

Clappers Lane
Bagshot Road – from Strawcock Field westwards (ie. heading towards Gordon’s School)

My proposal is to ask that all these properties and electors be re-patriated into Chobham, and that Chobham should be extended as far as Brook Place and Penny Cottage at the very least.

Please write and tell me what you think and / or write to the Boundary Commission by emailing

All comments and objections must be made by 10th October 2011.

For more detailed information about these proposals please click on Boundary Commission Proposals for County Councillors

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