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23rd to 30th September

Phew –  busy week – both in the public eye and behind the scenes!
We have a new leader elect David Hodge and Dr Povey standing down. Click here to read the full story.
However, all is going smoothly, despite some utterances to the contrary, and so we are getting on with our own jobs.

Visit to Ashford Library on Saturday 24th September
This was to “open” officially the new interactive white board which is to be used by children and library staff at during the popular playtime and rhymetimes. Click here to find out the playtime and rhyme time for all Surrey Libraries.

What a lovely time we all had with lots of families and children all joining in the story of the hungry aligator. More exciting still, one of the library staff volunteers had brought in a collection of baby snakes and lizards!

A lovely lizard!Storytime at AshfordWith the library staff

Great visit – wonderful library ! While there is so much talk about libraries closing and complaints about withdrawals of staff, this Ashford Library is full of buzz and life. –  Councillor Carol Coleman has seen to that with her member allocation;  other local coucillors hold their surgeries here;  fantastic staff  give their time to volunteer and create events for  families and children in this fabulous welcoming space.  It is a great community centre , full of life and colour and enjoyment.

A great example to the rest of Surrey!!  Visit us and see for yourself!


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